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Cuddles Infographic:

Help prospects understand their liability/exposure and help them take the next steps to securing their hospital.



Do you know what technology your hospital could be missing?


Cuddles Buyer's Guide:

Help your prospects compare and choose the right infant protection solution for their hospital.

Cuddles Buyer's Guide


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Cuddles Checklist:

Do your prospects know what to look for in an infant protection system? This checklist walks through everything they need to know.

Cuddles Checklist


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Tag Comparison List:

We're always connected and have what we want and need at our fingertips—and your nurses should, too.

Tag Comparison


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Cuddles Testimonials:

Hear how one hospital used Cuddles to save 240 staff hours and protect 4000 babies a year, and learn why hospitals love Cuddles!

Cuddles Case Study


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Certascan Information Sheet:

Learn more about the digital footprinting capabilities Accutech offers in this information sheet.

Certascan Information Sheet  


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